Futura Finance

Rewards Cycle Penalty

In certain cases, a user can be penalized by extending their reward cycle.
Buy/Sell Penalty:
When a holder receives/transfers more than 70% of their $FFT balance in a single transaction, there's a transaction penalty. The holder will have their cycle extended, and the length of the extension is proportional to the amount of $FFT they have in their account.
If a holder receives/transfers 70% of their current balance in a transaction, for example, their cycle will be extended by 50%. The duration of this extension is limited to the base cycle (12 hour). This behavior was implemented to prevent cycle abusers from buying before their cycle ends and/or selling immediately after receiving their rewards. So, in the same example, the holder would have its cycle extended for a total of 6 hours, and it would have its BNB claimed after 18 hours.
Note: This only applies if the amount transferred is equal or greater than 70% of the user's balance.
The Zero Balance Penalty:
Another case of a penalty is when a holder sells all of their $FFT tokens and then buys them back. In this case, their reward cycle will be stretched out for dozens of years, so that their grandchild will be able to claim BNB. After being penalized in this way, the only way to re-enter the base cycle is to transfer all funds to another wallet. ​