Futura Finance

Rewards Distribution

Rewards are available for manual claim once every 12 hours in the Futura Finance dApp (https://dapp.futurafinance.io/)
If "Manual Claim" is chosen in the dApp users will need to cover the gas fee for the rewards transaction.
Due to BSC network congestion and during low token transaction volume periods, automatic payment of rewards will need time to process. This process time varies and is not always guaranteed. It is encouraged to manually claim rewards during these periods if possible in order to properly reset the rewards cycle. Gas fees are provided by the contract for automatic rewards payouts. In high volume periods automatic rewards cycles should function as normal.
For a guide on how to manually claim rewards in BSCscan please see the attached document
How_to_guide_manually_claim_rewards_after_12_hrs_in_BSCscan_v1_2 (3).pdf